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The GRPV sector is still in infancy and requires setting up of processes and frameworks, from the learnings at both national and international arenas. Involvement of multiple approval processes, non-uniform regulations across states, non-uniformity of PPAs etc. can be termed as a few reasons for slow GRPV growth

GRPV growth accelerators

Facilitative policy and regulatory framework to enhance financial and technical viability of projects.

Rationalize target and target trajectory.

Simple and efficient interconnection process for smooth connectivity of GRPV systems with distribution grid.

Wide variety of business models offering options to consumers and developers of balancing investments with risks and returns.

Incentivise customers.

Easy access to financing for consumers and developers aiming to enter the market.



State Level Activities
  • Coordination and continuous engagement with state specific stakeholders
  • As is and gap assessment studies
  • State Action Plan developed for partner states.
National Level Activities
  • Liaison with CERC and Forum of Regulators (FOR) for updating GRPV regulation

Salient features

Updation of NEM 2013
  • In Net Metering regulations net billing introduced along with net metering
  • Introduction of two types of Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) systems based on ownership
  • No restrictions in terms of individual capacity based on sanctioned load and maximum GRPV capacity
  • The limit for connecting Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) system to feeder or distribution transformer increased
  • Six business models and their accounting and commercial settlement mechanisms introduced
  • Remuneration introduced for excess generation based present energy accounting and commercial settlement principles
  • Definition of an agreement amended to accommodate possible different ownership models

Sikkim & Meghalaya solar policies – Salient features

  • Promotion of GRPV with battery storage for grid management
  • Promotion of local entrepreneurship
  • Year-on-year target trajectory and Consumer category wise targets
  • Promotion of all types of metering, including virtual net metering
  • First of its kind to envisage utility driven business models for GRPV promotion
  • Consumer category-wise implementation plan
  • Incentive mechanisms such as Sikkim GRPV Fund, GBI, etc.
  • Promotional schemes such as vendor empanelment, demand aggregation, etc.
  • Development of administrative procedures, and web portal, etc.
  • Promotion of capacity building, and outreach strategy.
  • Coordination among other programs, such as smart city, etc.
  • Empowered committee set-up to facilitate GRPV off-take


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